How The Events Calendar Plugin Works

When you install The Events Calendar plugin it creates and registers a slug to showcase your events at “/events”. It is important to understand that while the “/events” page on the front end appears to be a regular page, it is not an actual page you can edit in the backend. You can change the registered slug for your main events page in the Events Calendar settings area found at Events → Settings → General screen. Each calendar view has its own URL that you can use to link directly to that view. Whatever you have set as your default view (under Events –> Settings –> Display) will be located at (where events is the slug you set in the general Events Settings).

My Event Pages Are Showing A 404 Page?

If you are seeing a 404 page when viewing your Event pages after importing the Church demo, this means you do not have WordPress installed in the root directory. You can easily fix this creating custom links for your event pages. Navigate to Appearance → Menus in your WP admin area, on the left hand side look for the “Custom Links” box. Add a new custom link and follow the format the plugin creates. For the main even page it would be, for the calendar month view it would be and so on.

Where Are The Week, Map and Photo Views?

The Week, Map and Photo views are included in the PRO version of The Events Calendar plugin. The PRO version includes more views, widgets and additional features. Those 3 views are the only thing on our demo that require the PRO version.

Where Can I Find Additional Documentation?

We have created a general documentation post for using the plugin with Avada, you can find that here In addition, you can find documentation, knowledgebase and support forum created by Modern Tribe here.

Be sure to check out the live design integration right here on the Avada Church Demo!